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NFC Tag and Non-fungible Token (NFT)

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Relying on NFC technology (or proximity technology) means having access to unlimited potential.

With this innovation, by means of a simple control page and NFC Tag it is possible to guarantee the authenticity of your products, keep production and distribution in the territory under control, exchange information that can be modified in real time with the customer and collect precious data directly from it to be processed for the purpose of targeted marketing and tailored to your target, both online and offline.

What are you waiting for? Find out now how to make the most of this innovation for your company and your company and the possible applications in your sector.

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Non-fungible tokens have revolutionised the art world and are conquering others.

NFTs are ownership certificates for digital works that are encrypted and registered on blockchain. This makes them unique and non-modifiable and allows them to certify the digital product belongs to the purchaser.

Create digital scarcity

Kept in digital wallets, NFTs are created in limited numbers so as to give their digital works exclusivity and maximise their value.

NFTs can be used to fund brand initiatives, create unique customer experiences, and make events unique.

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