An unconventional creative studio! Discover why…

A flying donkey


Our slogan is the name of our agency

If you think that a donkey is a pack animal, if you think that a carrot is enough for the donkey to go on and you think that the word donkey is associated with the image of a stubborn and hardheaded.

You are right:

We are donkeys!

- We know how to manage large workloads

- Your communication objectives are the carrot which we focus our energies on

- We are stubborn and persevere until we reach the results promised

We think

outside the box!

We believe in the power of originality and we never just stop at the most obvious solution.

La nostra agenzia propone servizi innovativi e sempre al passo con i tempi
La nostra agenzia propone servizi innovativi e sempre al passo con i tempi

Our mission?

Breaking away from conventions and leaving the client spellbound!

We give value to creativity and always try new means, instruments, tones and palette of colours to reach the objective.

We believe that the bare minimum is not enough to excite, amaze and leave your mark. We put time, talent and energy into planning and implementing effective communication, which gets straight to the point.

We look at creative solutions with an approach that is never banal, adopting new, fresh and captivating points of view, we structure tailor-made strategies for the client and their needs.

Because everyone can communicate but only the best can do it well!

The recipe with a real

uaoh (wow) effect?

- A team of talented creatives looking for new methods to surprise and amaze.

- A forward-looking studio that deals with communication at 359°, the degree that completes us, the one missing, could be you.

- A proven and winning wealth of knowledge and skills.

- A network of people, professionals and companies that work together for a common goal to guarantee efficiency, growth and continual innovation.

- A client who is willing to get involved and rely on professionals of the sector.